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Museum of Encaustic Art

Encaustic Mixed Media


Mixed media is a term to describe works of art composed of a variety of different materials.

Unlike oil paintings and other mediums in which an object has to be glued or in some way fastened, encaustic/wax lends itself to mixed media quite easily and beautifully.

More specifically, although other techniques may have objects embedded, the adherence of the object or objects to the medium is typically achieved utilizing glue or another means of fastening. What distinguishes encaustic/wax with mixed media is that the artist always employs an additional process of fusing.

Because encaustic artists may use paper and/or photography along with fusing, it may at times be difficult to distinguish or categorize a mixed media piece of art from one that involves paper or photography. 


To clarify, for the purposes of MOEA, the category of encaustic/wax with mixed media denotes an artwork in which the artist has utilized more than one material in the construction of the work. Such additional materials or objects may include paper or a photograph, but the encaustic/ wax with mixed media artwork will always contain one or more additional materials.

This category includes works that use materials such as oil, cold wax, graphite, and oil stick, some of which were used by the artists for the artworks displayed in chapter 2. Because some materials may cause certain artworks to be categorized in several ways, for the purposes of this website and the MOEA Collection, we have categorized the artworks according to the individual category description as stated by the artist