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632 Agua Fria Street
Santa Fe, NM, 87501

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Museum of Encaustic Art



Mission Statement

The goal of the Museum of Encaustic Art is to grow the largest, most extensive, and best represented encaustic art collection in America. This includes at least four categories of encaustic art, such as encaustic painting, encaustic with paper and photography, encaustic with mixed media, encaustic sculpture, encaustic monotypes, and cold wax.  This also includes bringing the attention of this medium to the public at large through enticing exhibits, tours/hands-on demonstrations and collaboratively working with other community organizations.


History of MoEA

The Encaustic Art Institute (EAI) is proud and excited about opening the first Encaustic Art Museum in America -- the Museum of Encaustic Art, MoEA, at 632 Agua Fria in Santa Fe New Mexico, one of the recognized world leaders in Art.  

EAI was founded in 2005 by Douglas Mehrens. While having a long-term plan in mind, Mehrens and his wife, Adrienne, agreed to his Mehrens’ existing studio space in Cerrillos New Mexico as the starting place for the Institute. Knowing that once the right space in Santa Fe was found, and the budget would allow, we would move to a permanent art space that could handle the institute, its members and a museum.  

The right space for a new location was found in The Railyard Art District in down town Santa Fe where we held our 10th anniversary and grand opening.  At that point, we also immediately started working on developing the plans for the museum. In terms of inventory for the museum, we have spent the last eight years acquiring art that are exemplary for being presented in a museum for the world to see.  One by one, juried show after juried show, we have now over 300 museum quality art that will strengthen the already fastest growing art medium and movement in America – Encaustic Art.