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Museum of Encaustic Art


Adult and child classes in creating Encaustic art.

EDUCATION:  Discovering the ART of WAX

Our education programs are twofold, and encompass every level of encaustic/wax art from the beginning workshops to advanced.  The art instructors vary and are rotated, offering many different classes covering the wide range of encaustic/wax methods and techniques.

The museum has two separate work areas - one for adults ages 18 and older, and the children’s education center ages 7 to 17.

ADULT Workshops

Open to all levels of experience. Fees vary depending on the length of the workshop and the instructor.  All materials and tax are included in the fees.   Go to under workshops, to view the current listings.  Classes include beginning, photo-encaustic, encaustic monotype, cold wax, and others. Classes are limited to 8 people.  The Museum is available to all workshop attendees to explore the diversity of the medium and be inspired.

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Open to ages 7 to 17, and are always free.  Children need to be accompanied by a parent, friend or teacher.  The classroom is limited to 8.

The workshops begin with a guided tour of the works in the museum.  This gives them an idea of what can be done with encaustic/wax.   The workshop begins with drawing on paper with crayons, pencils, ink pins or markers.  The drawings are then put on to a light box where they can also paint with crayons to enhance or even change their original drawing.  The other method taught is to directly paint on the light box with crayons using a blank sheet of rice paper over the wax to transfer the image, thus making a monotype. It is endless what they can create.  Each class is 1.5 to 2 hours long.

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