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Museum of Encaustic Art


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2018 Event Calendar

Museum of Encaustic Art & Encaustic Art Institute

Friday, February 2nd through July 14th rotating permanent collection art work showing in Museum

Saturday, March 10th – CALL FOR ART:  Global Warming is REAL

Monday, May 14th – CALL FOR ART:  Flux EAI/IEA Juried Exhibition

Saturday, July 14th – OPENING: 2nd Annual Global Warming is REAL   Noon - 5

Saturday, July 14th through Sunday, September 2nd - Second Annual Global Warming is REAL Exhibition

Wednesday, Sept 26th through Sunday, September 30th -  Artisans Materials Expo  and 

EAI/IEA  International Retreat

Friday, September 28th – OPENING: Flux EAI/IEA Juried Exhibition  5-8 pm

Friday, September 28th through Sunday, November 4th  - Flux EAI/IEA Juried Exhibition 

Saturday, November 17th – OPENING:  Holiday Fundraising Show  noon - 5

November 17th through December 16th – Holiday Fundraising Show Exhibition